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This past summer I had the got to meet Taylor and create her senior portraits. I just recently found out that she is not only beautiful but very smart! Taylor is officially the class of 2012 Valedictorian at Hanover Central! So, to a very bright and pretty young lady congratulations, I know you will do great things.

High School Senior Photography Hanover Central

I also forgot to mention she’s a student athlete too!

High School Senior portraits are about capturing the spirit of youth as a young man or woman is about to set off into the real world. Every photograph captures a tiny moment in that time showing a smile or youthful good looks and style. I recently photographed Logan’s senior portraits and in the process I gave him a list of questions to answer. He selected his favorites and let me interview him. The results of that interview are shown in the following slideshow. I think this is pretty powerful, imagine him watching this 20 or 30 years from now. Not only seeing but also hearing.

Today’s portrait is a high school senior in his football uniform.This is one that I overlooked back when I first photographed him. As I was going back through them looking for a photo, it caught my eye. I added some texture and gave it a whole new attitude.

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Today’s photo is a high school senior created at Stoney Run Park in Crown Point. Like most of my typical sessions, we walked around looking for cool backgrounds and light. I liked the background and the light here. I like how her blue outfit makes her stand out from the green and brown background. I also like how the trees and the horizon lead your eye to her.

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Today’s photo is a high school senior photographed in downtown Chesterton.  This is one of my favorites from an evening around the streets of Chesterton. I particularly like the mix of greenery and urban style.

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Today’s photo is another one from a couple years ago. This is another of my favorites. I like the soft expression and the way the blue eyes pop out of the photograph. By warming the rest of the image, it makes the cool blues stand out that much more.

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Click on photo to see all photos of the day.

Photo of the Day

March 16, 2011

Today’s photo is a high school senior I photographed with her horse. We were in between locations at the stables when I saw her walking up the path and I grabbed this shot on the fly. I love the expression as this is a complete candid moment. She’s just enjoying herself at the farm with her horse.

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It’s snowing!  Now’s the time for winter portraits in the snow.  The snow will only last for a short time and it is most beautiful now while it is still stuck to the bare tree branches.  Get your little ones dressed up in their best winter hats and scarves and picture their little red noses and rosy cheeks.  Snow Angels, snowmen and snowball fights.  Put away the shovels and the snowblowers and remember why your kids get excited when it snows.  This goes for teens too, you picked out the coolest winter coat and matching boots.  Now is your chance to show them off!

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Facebook Fashion Party

January 11, 2011


MJ Photography is having a Facebook Fashion party on Sunday January 30th for high school seniors and younger. High school seniors, bring your friends and be treated like a fashion model and get a free Facebook image. Wear your favorite outfit or something a little silly. This is going to be fun, whether you want something from the cover of Voque Magazine or to be over the top silly ala Zoolander. Boys and Girls are welcome!  Please call me at 219-218-7509 for more details and to RSVP or you can email me at  Whatever you do make sure you come out,  it’s going to be FUN!  Click HERE for times and other info.

Here are some senior portraits of Devon a 2011 Senior. She wanted a more urban look so we went to downtown Hammond and used some of the alleys and construction signs. I knew she was a Blackhawks fan so I had her put on a jersey for some of the studio portraits. I added the one goal as a twist on the Blackhawk’s marketing campaign. Were the Blackhawk’s “One Goal” was the Stanley Cup, Devon’s “One Goal” is graduating from High School.

High School Senior Portrait
Senior Pictures Lake Central
High School Seniors Saint John
High School Senior Pictures Northwest Indiana