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When it comes to Senior Pictures, I recommend at least three outfit changes. This allows the senior’s personality to shine and at the same time give’s Mom and Dad a really nice portrait to show off their son or daughter.  It is a good idea to bring more than one of each outfit, especially if you’re having trouble making up your mind.  It is better to have more outfits and not use them than to wish you had something that you left out.

The first outfit would be the parent pleaser. Meaning that it is more formal, something you might were to church. The pictures in this outfit are for Mom’s and Dad’s to send out, they’re the pictures that Grandma is going to get.

The second outfit is a little more fun, or the senior pleaser. This is something they want to wear. These are the photos that are going to be given to their friends. It might be a cute dress or just jeans and a favorite top for girls or ripped up jeans and a t-shirt for boys.

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The third outfit I would call the wild card. This could be anything from a very formal gown or dress to sports uniforms and other attire. Letterman’s jackets would fall into this category. Musical instruments and other props work here too. I like to let the kids get creative and some fun with this one.  This is the outfit that they will most likely were for the outdoor portion of the session.