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Newborn Baby Photography Northwest Indiana

Models Needed for a New Baby Program

I am putting together a baby program and I am looking for women who are in their 5th to 8th week of pregnancy and infants 12 months or younger to serve as models. All models will receive portrait art as compensation and may be included on my website and in my portfolio. Please call me at 219-230-6440 for more details.

Help Spread the Word

You might be thinking, well that doesn’t apply to me, my kids are all grown up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a number of new babies in my Facebook feed and I’m sure you have as well. How cool would it be if you passed this on to a friend of yours that just had a baby or just announced they are expecting. Just let them know you’re thinking about them and you care. It won’t cost you anything and it won’t cost them anything. You get a stronger friendship and they get great baby portraits. Maybe they’ll even send you a photo!

Only Available for a Limited Time

This offer is only available for a limited time. I can only take 7 babies and 2 or 3 expecting Moms. As followers of my MJ Photography whether through my blog, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, you are getting the first opportunity to take advantage. I will publish this exclusively for my faithful followers for the next two weeks, after that I will open it to the general public. Therefore, if you want to take advantage or know of someone who could benefit, please let me know. Call me at 219-230-6440 I’m looking forward to hearing from you and especially excited about a new baby photography plan.

Again please call me at 219-230-6440 for more details.

My new business phone number is 219-230-6440.

I was using my home and cell phone numbers for my business, which meant any phone call at anytime could be a business phone call. I have recently simplified things and setup one single phone number for the business only. The new phone number will ring both my house phone and my cell phone. It is going to make reaching me much easier. It will also notify me immediately when I have a voice mail so that I can listen to it and get back you much faster.

My old numbers are still operational.

The best part is you don’t have to use the new number if you don’t want to. I know you might be used to one of my old numbers. It’s programmed into your speed dial and you’re used to calling me that way. You’ll be happy to know then that nothing has changed. My old numbers are still active and you are more than welcome to keep using them. I have simply added a new number to simplify the process of receiving your phone calls so that I can talk to you quicker now.

A few business tips.

This next little bit is for you that are running a business. I thought I’d share a little of the why and how I plan on using the number. I’ll start with the how. I setup my new number using Google Voice. Google voice is a free service that is now open to anyone. You get a free phone number that you can set to ring up to 6 phones. You also get a voice mail box for that number that you can access from anywhere. I highly recommend it for any business especially one’s that require you to be out of the office for any period of time. You can also create different voicemail messages for your clients. Instead of a generic I’m not available leave a message and I’ll call you back when I am free, how about something more specific. Like Hello I’m out of the office photographing a wedding today, Leave a message and I’ll call you back fist thing on Monday morning. That way your clients know when to expect a return phone call. You can even change the settings from your phone. For example, say I am out photographing a wedding, I can tell Google voice to not ring the house phone. That way my wife doesn’t have to worry about accidentally taking a business call. There are a few other bonuses for me, but I thought these were the best general examples. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it.