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Christmas Cousins

December 26, 2009

Every Christmas I photograph the Grandkids for my Mother in Law, so she can send them to her out of town relatives. This year I took the photos as well as some video and created a Christmas slideshow.






George and Jack…Brothers

December 15, 2009

Here are some images from George and Jacks fall portrait session. One of the things they did over the summer was fishing, so I thought it would be cool to have them holding some old fashioned fishing poles by the waters edge like they were gone fishing without a care in the world.

The HIlls-6550-Edit

The HIlls-6358-Edit

The HIlls-6374-Edit

Families and Volunteers Needed

December 11, 2009

Please pass this along to any families you know that may have fallen on hard times. I could also you some volunteers at the Church to help things go smoothly.



December 3, 2009

Over the course of the last year, my Parents walked in several Marathons and half Marathons. This is their Christmas Card photo displaying all of their medals from their races. So I’d like to say congratulations and here’s to finishing.