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Pathway through trees starting to change to fall colors under a bright blue sky with some clouds.

Attention 2011 High School Seniors your Senior Year is finally here! I am creating a new line of Senior Portraits that captures you during the each of the Four Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Your style changes with the seasons, whether it’s a really cool fall jacket or some awesome winter boots. There are the bright sunny days of summer, the cool colorful fall leaves, the snow sticking to the bare tree branches after a winter snow, or the fresh greens and the colorful blooms of the spring time. What are your favorite styles for each season and what do they say about you?

Space is limited so Call MJ Photography at 219-218-7509 for availability.

I am offering special pricing for 2011 Seniors willing to take participate in the Four Seasons Senior Portraits during it’s first run. You can get all four senior portrait seasons for the price of one session. All 2011 seniors that I have already photographed can take advantage of this for no additional cost. Call now, for all of you that haven’t been photographed yet, summer is fading fast.

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