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Let MJ Photography take ALL of the worry and stress out of your Christmas this year!

Family Portrait_8hx11_FRONT 2011

Hi Michael Johnson here – does the idea of Christmas shopping and gift giving scare you at all?  Me too!  Let me help you, and I promise the only worry you’ll have is how to TOP this year’s gift NEXT Christmas!  Give a sparkling framed stunning custom made Family Portrait from MJ Photography -oh, and have a ball doing it!

For a VERY limited few (nine families), I am opening the studio doors for you to solve your shopping dilemma and BLOW EVERYONE AWAY doing it – and I’m talking tears and cheers – I hear from my clients every day!

Just imagine the phone ringing on Christmas morning as tearful loved ones call right then to tell you how much they LOVE their portrait of your family.  Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents – they cannot go out and buy this ONE ITEM for themselves – but you can!  And that’s priceless!  (I hope it’s not to late…)

Luckily for you – we include a free chat to help plan this once-in-a-lifetime portrait, including clothing suggestions, hair and makeup tips – nothing left to chance – at no additional charge!  Please – don’t wait – as you read this, our phones are ringing off the hook!  You have NOTHING TO LOSE!  Our “Tears of joy” guarantee ensures you’ll be thrilled with your portraits – or you don’t pay us!
THERE’S NO risk to you!

Back to School Portraits

October 10, 2011

School is Back in Session

Another school year has started which means school pictures are right around the corner. Are you going to be getting the same boring photographs for the umpteenth time now? Is your child really smiling or just showing his teeth like a mad dog? School photographers have hundreds of school age children to photograph all in a matter of hours. I’ve been there, it’s not easy. I know what you’re thinking though. “Yeah, but the price is right.” For a limited time only (The month of October) I am offering to match your school photographers price and give you a short portrait session. Now by short I mean by my standards, you will get a whole 15 to 30 minutes per family. That’s about how long the school photographer spends on one whole class.

I Will Match the School Photographer’s Print Prices.

All you need to do is bring in your students current picture envelope and I will match the print pricing. I guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results or you do not pay one dime. That’s right, if you are not more satisfied with what I can do you than the school photographer then you don’t pay. You are then free to send your child to the school photographer. I can only guarantee that I will be able to match the print prices as some companies have special products such as coffee mugs and such. I will do the best I can to find these items should you request them.

Limited Time, Only in the Month on October.

I can only make this offer during the month of October, due to an increased workload with holiday sessions and November start family portrait month at MJ Photography. Don’t let this opportunity slip by call 219-230-6440 for availability now.